Hindi films have raised the benchmark for the weddings in real life. When they are released, girls get enamoured by the costumes. The same has happened with the television serials, which have now taken over and become the trademark for new fashions. Every week new episodes are shown with more glitter and glamour. Festivities are blown out of proportion and so are the costumes. A popular wedding salwar today will reflect a Bollywood or television effect. It will have exactly the same designs and even the same colors. Eve the tailors now keep the pictures resady because they know that girls will be flocking with materials to make the same.

The wedding salwar has become expensive and also carries a precious label if it is sourced aboard. It won’t come cheap. Most sellers know that wedding are a one time event in the life of the consumers. They will extol them to buy the best. Silk has always been the hot favourite for making the wedding salwar. Although most people try to choose their own styles to attend a wedding, some designers are known to present themes for both families.  If you are not comfortable with this ‘uniform theme look’, all the more better! It gives a chance to explore new patterns and designs in other exciting colors. Most weddings are held in the evening or late at night. Dark colors are quite popular. To contrast a lighter shade or duo tones can be used. This breaks the monotonous pattern.