The variety of fashionable salwar suits currently available are mind boggling. It shows that in the last few years how popular they have become worldwide. Although both men and women in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan wear them the maximum variety is for women. They are spoilt for choices with the latest fashions in salwar suits. There are three pieces to this wonderful garment. The salwar is the bottom waist downwards, the kameez is the tunic-it can be long or short and there is a duppatta or stole to cover the kameez. It is also called ‘odhani’ or ‘chunari’ depending on the region is comes from. These form the complete salwar suits. Sometimes they also come without the odhani. Salwar suits come in numerous designs, patterns and fabrics in lovely colors.

What makes salwar suits popular choices? The answers are plenty, if you consider:

  1. They come in standard ready made sizes.
  2. They can be stitched, customised or personalised by buying materials.
  3. Exclusive designer salwar suits are available in all stores.
  4. They suit any body type.
  5. Different types can be used for daily, casual, party, festive occasions and weddings.
  6. They are affordable and available all year round according to the seasons.
  7. All natural and synthetic fabrics are useful to make them
  8. They look graceful and appealing at the same time.
  9. They can be blended with western fashions too.

The variety is so large that one can never ever get bored wearing them.