There is bound to be a shift in fashion trends with new generations. Each generation tries to improvise on existing outfits. The clothing industry is in a process of constant evolution. It always has been catering to demands of new clients. Whether a design is inspired by a piece of art, painting, architecture, book, poem or nature, the elements will be seen in the work of the designer. New designs have been able to enter the vast global markets because designers are looking at new ways to clothe the clients. It is their business.

One can find a lot of evolutionary changes that have taken place in the creation of the salwar kurti. On the mannequin or clotheshorse it may be the ultimate haute couture. It has reached its destination because of the imagination of a creative planner. Sketches and experiments will always be done with fabric and on the ramp. That’s how most designers get critiqued for their work. Ultimately it is the buyer who is also the wearer will decide its fate in the consumer market.

Many fashions conscious women who are socialites are used as models to introduce a pattern. A kurti design that may look good on one woman may fall flat for the other. To get compliments, a designer prefers his muse and makes a garment that will accentuate her shape and personality. A salwar kurti looks fantastic on a college going girl. In bright and vibrant colors the short kurti can be a teaser.