Everyone is familiar with the Indian ethnic attire salwar kurta. Perhaps the biggest ordeal is how to select the right one. Just because it can take the shape of any body size and height, one cannot just pick up any ready to wear garments. If one is trying out a salwar kurta for the first time, try to see which size is closest to your body and height. If too many alterations are required then just drop them! It is better to buy the material and get it stitched by a tailor. Let not the first experience, be an uncomfortable one. A good turned out salwar kurta can fetch some good compliments too. Do not even confuse the kameez with the kurta. The kurta is short like a top. It can be of thigh length or even knee length for some girls.  The kurta is more body hugging. It is an ethnic shirt of sorts!

The kurtas can be worn with the salwars or with jeans separately. For a complete look, it is best worn with the salwar. The salwar is loose and baggy. It can also be gathered in Patiala style or have a western trouser look. Kurtas go well with it. The necklines are closed with buttons. Most kurtas come with full sleeves. The best are the charismatic lucknavi chikan ones. They are very summery and look beautiful when worn with just a pair of stylish glasses. With a lovely salwar, the garment is ready to be admired.