One of the greatest values for money in clothes comes from ethnic garments. There are many creative salwar kameez styles that an entire wardrobe can prove insufficient for women who love this attire. Salwar kameez styles are designed keeping in mind the occasion-daily, casual, party, bridal, wedding or festive. Now there is also a collective merchandise category of hit Bollywood films. Fans purchase memorabilia like clothes worn by the heroines.

Two major style categories include fashion designers who design for supermodels on the ramp and costume designers of films. These exclusive designs are copied and imitated by manufacturers. Since there is no patent or copyright problem, many unknown retailers tend to purchase bulk qualities to sell it in the market. The types of salwar kameez styles that they copy are usually consumer driven. Enquiries in stores and online portals help them to decide which styles will be the ‘hit of the season’. Then in-house designers make the rough style and many sizes are produced. Once different sizes are made they are sent to domestic and international markets.

The styles that are currently in fashion have been popularised by western women like Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna Kylie and Naomi Campbell. They have introduced a whole young new generation abroad to Indian salwar kameez styles. Although they have worn designer styles, the same can also be modified to suit other occasions. Some of the other top seller salwar kameez styles are from the current crop of Hindi films that have released.