It is not very hard to find the salwar kameez fabric anywhere. All kinds of materials are available in wholesale and retail market. Speciality stores which have new range of fabrics are always in demand. Volumes of the salwar kameez fabric can be accessed even by browsing the internet. This is a result of the constant need to make fashion statements. Designers have the onus of using their creativity and coming up with new patterns. They do this by going back to the drawing board and studying how they can combine different materials to produce the desired garment. The demand for different fabrics depends on the seasons.

Cotton, handloom fabrics, jute, linen are the best choices during the summer months. In the monsoons women prefer mixed or blended fabrics-the typical ‘wash and wear’ kind.  In winters one can see luminous fabric sheets and bales of rich silk, tussar, chiffon, georgette, crepe and satin. All these fabrics are available all the year round but during the season they tend to be more in demand. The use of net, gauze, sheer, mulmul, tissue, brocades and jamevars have also become quite in demand. These fabrics are typically used for making wedding garments.

With the ready fabrics, it becomes less expensive to make a salwar kameez of personal choice. Many women prefer buying the fabrics. When NRIs come to India they chose to visit their favourite shops where salwar kameez fabrics are sold. A good buyer can get a heavy discount on bulk material.