The current trends are definitely tilted towards looking very slim. Being ethnic and baggy by nature, salwar kameez designs can hide the true shape of the body. Some designs are a perfect ploy to redeem the body shape. Girls may like a design but find it difficult to purchase as they are made for the super slim models or filmi divas of Bollywood. No use pouting. The best thing is to get into shape. And if that is not possible then, get a material, good tailor, copy the design and ask him to fit it to your measurements. Many women follow this rule. They are quite successful in personalizing the salwar kameez designs. It does not cost them much and they can also modify the garment to body shape.

Women will always be self conscious of their body, height and of course their weight too. A slim a-line kameez with a smart salwar that reaches the ankles and gathered in a circle are a pretty sight. With a nice pair of tall footwear it gives a perfect sublime look to the woman. Generally it is the festive season of navratri, biasakhi, diwali or even weddings that prompt many girls to join classes to lose weight to fit into their favourite salwar kameez designs. Sometimes the loss of weight by the favourite film star also contributes in aiming for the most elegant design. Salwar kameez designs that have one single or monochromatic feel are best. They give an appearance of slimness.