The designs that you see now may be changed in the next three months. Sometimes the trends change more quickly that the seasons do! So is the case with salwar fashion of one does not keep up with the latest. There is more to just wearing the new salwar kameez these days. The idea is to send a powerful image. It can be a precursor to romance, set the wedding bells ringing and generally upgrade the happiness quotient. During the festive period each year the salwar fashions undergo alterations. Some old fashions return, new fads disappear and it is one big circus that goes on. But there are some people who follow the trends to remain a cut above the others. So when the sign of ‘new arrivals in salwar fashions’ hit the stores and online portals it is time for serious business.

Instead of just blindly following fashion it is best to se if the current trend enhances your personality. The mantra today is to stay fit and trim and those salwars that will accentuate the figure are most likely to find many buyers. Figure hugging kameez with flowing salwar in light shades are common. The other secret mantra is to have minimal make-up and less of embroidery on the dress. A simpe outfit is likely to be more noticed and accepted. Too much patterns have flooded the markets. While hey have heir place under the sun, simple cuts, colors and designs are selling well in India and overseas.