The best way to know if the salwar is suitable for the women, check the style and ‘poncha’. A ladies salwar will generally have a narrow bottom or will have borders that have some design. Even a plain ladies salwar is identifiable because it will come in colors that men would never wear! For more than a decade now new trends in ladies salwar show that it has adapted to the new fashion sense and also adopted other cultural influences. There are more patterns and designs available that can be worn with a variety of kameez and kurtis and kurtas and tops. The patterns are inspired by films, paintings, ancient texts and even architecture. Maximum varieties appear in Punjabi style of ladies salwar.

The main types of ladies salwar are plain, patialia loose and churdiar style. They can have broad or narrow ‘ponchas’. Most of them are sold even separately. Sometimes a kameez is still running strong and the salwar needs to be replaced. They can either be stitched by getting the material or a ready made one can be bought in many colors. Plain and dressy ones are also for sale. Many times the salwar and duppattas come in matching colors. Sometimes the same print is found on the entire outfit. It gives sense of continuity.

Single pieces can prove to be expensive. But when taken as an entire outfit they are cheaper. The cost of the outfit or only the salwar sometimes determines its worth for the customer.