A woman can find a perfect designer salwar kameez according to her budget. Many women cannot afford real designers. Manufacturers and retailers know of this problem. They have in-house studios making designer salwar kameez that can fit into ordinary budgets. Which is fair enough, as every woman aspires to have a couple of designer outfits to wear for social occasions. A brand is as good and does not have an exclusive signature or label. One can find, genuine high end designer garments, affordable and branded ones which are as good and those created by tailors after looking at the design of the original.  For NRI women and girls who want to blend with the new place but maintain their uniqueness, a designer salwar kameez can do the trick. Even formal and designer ethnic attire will be cheaper that the western ones which may not give the right fit. They have a very good quality, as they are made keeping in mind the export factor.

The best way to choose one good outfit is to decide if it will fit the occasion. If it is a party then there is no point in taking a heavy embroidered piece which will be more appropriate for a wedding. A chic and trendy designer salwar kameez for a party is one which will have a pretty cut on the kameez. It can have crystal work or stones studded in a cluster around the neck. The salwar can have the same theme, plain or contrasting.