A perfect time to don a cotton salwar kameez is summer. Most Indian women who have outdoor jobs will swear by their best absorbent cotton suits. In humid conditions one can find cotton fabric to be the best and most comfortable. By wearing them it becomes easier to adjust to the hot temperature outside and cold air conditioned rooms. Sweat may be the main reason why most women opt for cotton sawlar kameez but the chic styles that defy even the heat are more appealing. There look cool and very breezy. This is also the time chikan work from Lucknavi looms flood the clothes gallery, boutiques and stores. Since cotton salwar kameez remains a constant fixture new designs now include laces, crochet work, hakoba patterns. Pale pink, lime green, cream, peach and yellow colors are quite dominant. New varieties now include colors like lavender, off white, olive green and some pastel shades which appeal to western women.

Cotton is a versatile material that can be blended with others also. But pure cotton attire can be priceless. One can get lovely a-line kameez with salwar, empire bustline, necklines can be sober or plunging, backless or with thin shoulders strips. A lycra salwar can be combined with a cotton kameez too. Or a cotton salwar can be blended with a nice linen-cotton material. Many women prefer not to use duppattas during summer. But some prefer to have mulmul or viscose materials as they are not heavy and gel with the attire.